Antropedia Antropedia features a wide variety of Romanian anthropological texts with illustrations from local artists. My contribution to the platform is this illustration about Romanian “serial” immigrant workers. The text tackles the emotional and practical issues of finding agricultural work outside of Romania. Most workers change jobs every season, which is reflected in the storytelling…


Biodiversity illustrations A series of three illustrations covering ecological themes. The first is about biodiversity and the need to protect all types of animals and plants, from big to tiny. The second illustrates how people play a vital role in the protection of forests. Finally, the third illustration is about how everyone can use their…


FOLK Brand illustrations and characters for FOLK, a digital platform for preventive healthcare. FOLK offers advice and products to help its users stay healthy, fit and active. The illustrations embody calmness, being close to nature and earth, while staying connected digitally. The earthy tones and rough textures emphasise the natural and organic qualities embodied by…

Pride 22

Pride 22 Every year, I take the time to create an animation to celebrate Pride and spread awareness about the LGBTQ community. This animation was created using frame-by-frame animation techniques. The confettis fall in a loop, creating the feeling of a perpetual celebration.

PaperJam Digital Transformation

PaperJam Digital Transformation Editorial and spot illustrations for an article on digital transformation. Going paperless and switching to digital only business processes were some of the key ideas to portray in the article opener. 24/7 customer support and business digital champions are also represented through spot illustrations. Client: PaperJam Art Direction: Marielle Voisin

PaperJam Private Banking

PaperJam Private Banking Editorial and spot illustrations for an article on private banking in Luxembourg. The opener illustrations portrays Luxembourg as a hub for asset management and investment. The smaller illustrations support article sections on growth, European connections and sustainable development. Client: PaperJam Art Direction: Marielle Voisin