For this project, I collaborated with Fertilitips, a brand dedicated to providing resources and support on the fertility journey. They needed their website and social media to communicate in an approachable and gentle way, and they asked me to craft their brand illustrations.

Homepage banner

I designed a homepage banner to depict the fertility journey. The banner evokes a sense of hope and warmth, welcoming visitors to explore the content.

Topic Illustrations

To enrich the content on Fertilitips’ website, I created a series of four thematic illustrations, on topics such as Nature and Science, Mind and Soul, Body and Health and Love and Relationships.

Spot Illustrations

In addition, I produced several spot illustrations for general use across the website, such as depictions of motherhood, baby development and various personas. These add a personal and relatable touch to the content.

All illustrations were designed to express warm, supportive and positive values for the brand.


Client: Fertilitips
Art Direction: Marcela Group