Columbia College Today

Columbia College Today   I had the pleasure of collaborating with Columbia College Today to create illustrations for their alumni magazine. The project involved an opener and spot illustration for an article on the Bartending Agency. I chose to depict a lively cocktail-making class and a cocktail glass with a twist.

Moonlight Camping

Moonlight camping 🌖 A full moon shone over the clearing, illuminating the trees and bushes in a strange light. Everything was still, but for the crackling of the small fire, warming up the two travellers. Moonlight camping is an illustration created as a print, for all hikers and camping lovers. Available in the print shop.

Mediterranean trees

Mediterranean trees Mediterranean trees need love and protection. This series highlights three trees from this region that are exceptional: olive trees, orange trees and avocado trees. They each offer amazingly nutritious fruit and symbolise abundance and peace. The handmade typography added to each print further emphasises how special each tree is.   Available in the…

PaperJam Investor Guide

PaperJam Investor Guide Cover and inside illustrations for the PaperJam 2021 Investor Guide. Each section of the guide has a bespoke opener illustration. Several concepts and sketches were proposed for each topic, to allow the client to choose the conceptual route that best fits the articles. The thematic that links all the illustrations together is…

Let nature fill you

Let nature fill you A series of digital illustrations about the healing power of nature. Using typography paired with illustration to communicate positive facts about spending time outdoors. The main illustration is available as a print on my shop.

PaperJam 360° Compliance

PaperJam 360° Compliance A series of editorial illustrations for a PaperJam article on financial compliance. The opener illustration had to convey the idea of a 360 degree view on all upcoming regulations. The following spot illustrations accompany smaller sections on Brexit, calculating additional costs involved and the new Basel 4 regulation.

Delano Expat guide cover

Delano Expat guide cover Delano is the leading magazine for Luxembourg’s English-speaking community. Each year, they release a guide about discovering new activities in the country. The concept for this cover was the “urban explorers”, a couple illustrated amongst iconic and unique things to do in Luxembourg. Client: Delano Art Direction: José Carsi