Sensity This project is an ongoing collaboration with Sensity, a design and marketing agency, to illustrate their quarterly newsletter. Each newsletter covers a design topic, ranging from copyrighting to UI/UX research. The illustration depicts the subjects in a playful, approachable and human way. Client: Sensity Art Direction: Mark Beever


ShaktiMat I created this set of ten illustrations for ShaktiMat, an acupuncture yoga mat designed to improve well-being and relaxation. The brief was to interpret various poses on the mat and to promote diversity through the human characters depicted. Client: ShaktiMat Art Direction: Karolina Vesna

Telluride Table

Telluride Table Illustrations developed for Telluride Table, a food and wine festival in Colorado ⛰️ under the creative direction and branding done by @two.studios, we developed a set of 30+ objects that would adorn a nice dinner table, which can be mixed and matched to create endless arrangements! The illustrations were then vectorised, so that…

Barcelona 24/7

Barcelona 24/7 Barcelona is the ultimate city to enjoy both day and night. Enjoy delicious tapas, visit Gaudi buildings and party it out on a warm summer night. Inspired by this city, I created this Barcelona illustration to celebrate all this city has to offer.


FOLK Brand illustrations and characters for FOLK, a digital platform for preventive healthcare. FOLK offers advice and products to help its users stay healthy, fit and active. The illustrations embody calmness, being close to nature and earth, while staying connected digitally. The earthy tones and rough textures emphasise the natural and organic qualities embodied by…

Moonlight Camping

Moonlight camping 🌖 A full moon shone over the clearing, illuminating the trees and bushes in a strange light. Everything was still, but for the crackling of the small fire, warming up the two travellers. Moonlight camping is an illustration created as a print, for all hikers and camping lovers. Available in the print shop.