Flow When I find my flow, I have creativity in my left hand and focus in my right. An illustration celebrating the creative flow, that seemingly infinite state of mind, when ideas are brought to life and the mind is centred.

Tiny House

Tiny Houses A series of illustrations exploring the concept of tiny houses in unexpected settings. What if you could have a barn on an olive branch or live inside a tulip tower? This project celebrates the #tinyhouse movement.

Fresh Start Week

Fresh Start Week In May 2020, I participated in an Instagram illustration challenge called “Fresh Start Week”. The challenge consisted of 5 illustration prompts for 5 days with different themes. Day 1 A person you miss. I chose to portray my farther and the gifts he gave me throughout my life.   Day 2 An…

The dream garden

The dream garden It would be a dream come true to have a garden, which is why I wanted to express this dreamlike feeling in this piece. We could harvest giant strawberries and have chicken roaming around, nibbling on grass. To emphasise how important nature is, the human character is tiny in comparison to the…